Conference 2017



International Conference

Maritime Spatial Planning, Ecosystem Approach and Supporting Information Systems


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 24-28 April 2017




Maritime spatial planning is now.

In the last decades there is a significant increase in demand and competition for the use of the maritime space with involvement of multiple stakeholders having diverse interests and potential conflicts. There is a definite need for solutions for mitigation of the conflicts related to the multiple marine space demands Such solutions are best developed in the framework of the sustainable  development strategies for the maritime sectors.

Finding the balance between maritime sectors development and ecosystem planning is a big challenge for European common policy and maritime sector as a whole. Integrated development of maritime activities within the ecosystem planning is a relatively new concept, initiating application on the European seas, that brings huge potential for socio-economic growth, ensuring environmental services and preserving marine biodiversity.

To find and apply sustainable development solutions, it is necessary to manage information on maritime activities and environmental data. Present-day data and information systems provide user friendly solutions for development of data infrastructures that can manage, integrate, analyze and finally expose marine & maritime data.

European seas have legal instruments that provide the framework for maritime spatial planning (MSP 2014/89/EU), framework on marine strategies (MSFD 2008/56/EC), framework on marine and maritime information management and open data access (INSPIRE 2007/2/EC within SEIS; Marine Knowledge 2020 within Integrated Maritime Policy). This conference aims to bring  together professionals, policy&decision makers, researchers and other stakeholders that are included in legal frameworks, to discuss issues, methodologies, best practices and finally integrate maritime with environmental planning using open data Infrastructures.